Sunday, July 16, 2017

More on Floundering
ABJ editorial columnist Michael Douglas, reminding us that in the most recent election 57 of 100 major papers endorsed Clinton while only 2 endorsed Trump, noted that...

‘Trumpian shortcomings were there for all to see, the absence of public service, the serial problems with the truth, the narcissism, flimflam (Trump University), shallow grasp of policy, bankruptcies, fleecing of shareholders and dark associations, including his mentor of sorts, Roy Cohn, one of the most odious figures of the past century.’

Douglas reminds us that major newspapers that had not endorsed a Democrat for a century did just that in 2016. And Douglas notes that these ‘shortcomings so far have defined his presidency downward.’

Rather than seek to unite America after a close election, these shortcoming pushed him to rule as if he had earned a huge mandate: an extreme travel ban rather than a carefully crafted one, a cabinet of controversial figures like himself rather than experts weighing trade-offs and alternatives. Thanks Michael Douglas, as timely reminder.

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