Saturday, August 19, 2017

Facts Do Not Speak for Themselves
When we observe the world it is always through a lens, and more people=more lenses, so how do we interpret our observations becomes the key question. What is the meaning we attach to observing this or that? How do we explain and defend our preferred interpretation (particularly important when our interpretation just happens to intersect with advancing our own self-interest)?

We can observe, for instance, that a loved one has cancer and that the chemo therapy treatments are incredibly aggressive, causing a lot of pain.

But most of us do not interpret that observation to mean that both the cancer and the chemo therapy are equally to blame for our family members pain.

Similarly, we observe a city under attack by a group who openly argue against 'all are created equal' and in favor of prejudice, discrimination, and violence that is fundamentally at odds with American values...

..and also observe that those standing up to these facsists and nazis were also incredibly aggressive in their defense of our way of life...

...and we do not then interpret these observations to mean both sides are equally to blame for chaos and death and pain that resulted.

There is no argument on both sides Mr. President.

Your stubborn and willful blindness and refusal to learn or even listen is hurting America and American families. Please stop. Please resign.

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